Group Classes

Wahib Bennis Kickbox: Boxing, kickboxing and tae-kwon do moves are used… MINUS the fluff and dance moves!

Wahib Bennis P.O.W.E.R.: The hottest cardio, resistance training & core combo class around. Using P.O.W.E.R. Punch Gloves, a mixed martial arts (MMA) glove with a removable resistance band, participants incorporate boxing bags, mitt work, and cardio drills for an overall workout.

Wahib Bennis Remix: Latin and Hip Hop dance class choreographed to your favorite remixes!

Wahib Bennis HardBODY: Shock the body through various resistance training methods. Plyometrics, Super Slow, Negatives, Drop Sets, Resistance Tubing… you name it!

Wahib Bennis HardCORE: This 30 minute class is more than “just a bunch of crunches.”

Step 360 Cardio: Set on two adjustable air chambers designed to create instability, Cardio exercises and drills are performed on the revolutionary Step 360 platform.

Step 360 Resistance: Resistance training through band work and dumbbells combined with the Step 360 force you to use both large and small muscles while stabilizing and working on core strength.

Step 360 Circuit: A combination of cardio, resistance, and core work utilizing the Step 360 platform.

Tabata: 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Tabata intervals provide a higher intensity workout with just enough rest to keep you going.

Athlete Yoga: This full-body workout is guaranteed to get you sweating! Plus increase flexibility, gain stress relief and focus on areas of the body that athletes abuse most.

BollyBeat Fitness™: Learn the ever popular Indian dance that developed in the Indian cinema!


Designed for exercisers that want to take their workouts to the next level!

Warrior: Obstacle training incorporating tire flips, battle ropes and sport specific exercises geared toward the Warrior within!

WTF?: This bootcamp will leave you asking one question…

Weight loss: Cardio and resistance interval training geared toward those wanting to shed pounds

Bridal Bootcamp: Get yourself and your bridal party in tip top shape for the big day!

Metabolic Training: Incorporates kettlebells, tabata and other small group apparatus

Mommy & Me: Get back into pre-pregnancy shape with baby in hand!

TRX®: This versatile suspension training system enables an overall workout combining body weight training, elements of instability, and multiple planes of movement.


Small Group Training, Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching also available!