Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Wahib Bennis Kickboxing is to educate and train men, women and children to the highest standard possible whether they are interested in self-defence, sport, fitness or grading. Furthermore, we want to positively affect as many people as possible no matter what age or fitness level they are and increase their confidence and sense of well being as well as their physical attributes; strength, stamina, speed, flexibility and co-ordination. We are a Freestyle Martial Arts organization and we will teach Kickboxing as our base system and incorporate many other systems (including: Boxing, Thai-Boxing, KickBoxing, Tae-KwonDo, Karate, Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts) along with fitness principles (including: Conditioning, Diet & Nutrition, Cardiovascular Training, Resistance Training and Stretching) to continue our objective of being the leading kickboxing institution in the world.